Monday, January 31, 2011


The year.... 2006!  The place...... Ocean Isle!!  
The memories...... priceless!!!

My boys on the incredible Ocean Isle waterslide!

Colton and Aunt Mat!

Colton and as he says "My Lilly!"

Best buddies in the making!

Fun at Medieval Times!

Cousins!  Hanging out on the boat!

I know you were scared Randy, but I am sure Colton held your hand!

Mini Golf pros!

A sweet aunt and Gam!


More fun at Medieval Times!

Get your finger out of my face Randy!!!  I am taking pictures:) 
Mom always has to do the hard work that the rest of us leave behind:) 

As you all know, I am more about pictures than words.  And like I said a while back, I totally believe that a picture is worth a thousand words.   These pictures make me smile.... and what wonderful, crazy memories we all created during that last week of June for SO many years....  How many people do you think we had in that house at one time?  How many stories can we tell about the adventures we had during those times?  I could go on and on, but it is time for me to watch some TV with Rod:)  I love ya'll!  Tell me........... did you smile when you saw these pics?  I surely did!  I love my family!!!!


  1. Can we go back in time and hold on to Lilly and Colton. Oh so sweet and precious. Debbie

  2. Oh so many memories. Those are some really cute pictures. One of my favorite stories is when yu woke us up with the threat of gong to the hotel.Donna