Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Well...... Universal was crowded, and when I say crowded, I mean CROWDED!!! 
We did not get to ride any of the rides, but Colton had fun because he played all the "arcade" style games and loved every munute of that!  We got a "feel" for Universal and know what to do for our next trip!

This was on the way in!  Amanda and Heather backed out when they found out the ticket prices, and they made the right decision!!

EXCITED!!  But already seeing way too many people!!

Too cute:)

Lilly's new boyfriend???

Colton says NO!!  He will get in between them if he needs to!

Lilly was the magician's assistant for one of his tricks!

Colton LOVES magic tricks!

So Lilly is looking good, the T-Rex looks pretty scary but he better watch out because Colton might get him first!

My Superheroes!

Randy and his girlfriends!

Marmaduke!!!!  STOP!!!

Christmas break was busy!  Two trips to North Carolina and one trip to Florida!  These trips included:   SNOW, a bowl game, and Universal Studios!   I-95 needs a break from the Nissan Murano!! 


  1. I am glad that Amanda and Heather decided to join me because they would have really been upset about the rides. Check out the man in the first picture over Randy's shoulder. He looks like he is a part of the group. FUNNY! I am glad that ya'll still had a good time even though you were not able to ride any rides. Donna

  2. Good pics. I heard it was crazy! We are going to Universal the end of this month w/ Stan's work. The Shaw Flooring people have a special night from 7-11 so I hope it won't be too crazy. I know you all are glad to get back settled at home.