Sunday, January 16, 2011

Emma, the Entrepreneur

My neighbors, the Cornwell's, moved this week and I am very sad...  But my first thoughts regarding some of the things that I will miss are about Emma...

This is her (the taller girl) with her buddy (and mine) Adrianna!

Some of my memories of Emma are......

Selling me my own candy..

Raking yards...

Selling me bracelets as she is giving them away to the other teachers...

Helping me get dressed for the cookout....

Eating bagel bites...

Selling lemonade to the golfers....

Basically.............making money!!!!

All of the things I just mentioned make me SMILE!  They also have stories behind them.  She has such a sweet nature and is an amazing girl!!  I will miss her (along with her family) so much!  I just can't imagine looking out my front window and not seeing her riding by on her scooter, ringing my doorbell, playing so sweet with everyone! 
Emma, she is very quiet but has such a STRONG spirit!!  I will really miss her!

Along with,

Gracie......  with her beautiful smile and ability to play with these kids and still be a middle schooler

and Dylan....  such a good sport!  such a boy!!

In the football outfit, of course:)

And of course Ericka and John.....

John showing the ladies how to do the Electric Slide (I think... or how to jump:)

Erika, with her pink hair for Halloween!

Again, I am breaking my bikini pic rules, but Erika wasn't in on the original deal!  And she looks really good to have had 3 kids!

To the Cornwell's....  we will really miss you!!!


  1. Sweet post. I did meet one of the girls you mentioned and the mother, I think. It's sad to lose good neighbors. I think of the ones we have had through the years and how I often still think of them. They come and go in our lives but leave their print there forever. When I went to Rincon last time I was happy to see you had good friends and neighbors. Hope you get some new ones just as sweet. We all had fun with Colt Man. My time with him was limited but as always fun. He and Walt hooked up so he didn't need me as much. Love, Debbie

  2. I love your pictures and the post was perfect. You described the whole Cornwell family perfectly. Although, that bikini picture of Erika reminds me that I have to keep doing my sit ups. Summer is just around the corner and I have to look HOT in my bikini. :-)

  3. Billie, that is so sweet! You make us sound like the best family in the world! I'm glad you all know the truth! You will be glad to know that Emma found a new friend (lives in the neighborhood and is in her class) named, of all things, Emma. The first time Emma came to our house, they both pounded the pavement to get orders for Girl Scout cookies. So my Emma didn't necessarily make any money for herself, but she was still showing her spirit!

    We miss you guys and our awesome little corner of LP!