Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Three of my favorite people....

and one of my all time favorite pictures! 


  1. Finley and I were just looking at these pictures. I could tell she was really confused. I said "who is that?" (pointing to Mom) and she looked really hard and then looked at me and said "Mommy". I knew she wasn't convinced, so I said "Is that Mommy?" and she said "No, that's Gam". Guess we do look alike. And that tan Mom was sporting!

  2. Leslie, I always want to reply to comments and I don't know the best way, so I thought I would just do it like this. I know what you mean, it is confusing.... But funny that she sees a likeness in the two of you. Yes, she was very tan! Funny!!! I remember she would stay outside forever with the kids. She didn't want to get so tan, but she didn't want to be inside either:)