Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh how my heart aches....

I have shared with some of my "followers" :) the horrible circumstances a young family that lives in my neighborhood is going through.  I teach their son as well.  He is a precious child.  The community I live in is amazing.  This family has not lived here very long, do not know many people, but the people have done amazing things to help this family.  I am excited about the event tomorrow night because Eli and Abe are going to ride with us on our golf cart.  I was at their house last night for a few minutes and when I layed my head down, I cried myself to sleep.  This beautiful mom might not get to see her precious boys turn 8 like I just got to do with Colton.  These two precious boys are in a house with a mom that is VERY sick!!!  Extremely sick!  She has no hair, lost her vision, and I could go on and on!!!

It kind of puts it in perspective for the rest of us, doesn't it??

We have nothing to be depressed about, when you can consider what some people are going through. 

Please pray for Jeremy, Ashley, my precious Eli, Abe and the rest of their family.  It is SOOO, SOOO sad!!!


  1. Sadness. How did I miss that you taught their son? We have a girl in LBG 2 yrs older than us who is dying of cancer too. Scares me to death.

  2. Leslie, It is horrible. And the child that I teach has autistic tendencies and anything out of the ordinary sends him over the top. He doesn't like any changes! It is heartbreaking!!!