Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lighting the Night!

This is Eli and Abe!  Two precious boys with a mom that is very sick.

The parade was unbelievable!  It was fun, but bittersweet!

Sweet Eli, he was wide open and excited!

Rod said there were at least 40 golf carts.

This is our golf cart.  If you can see little feet climbing in the golf cart, those are Eli's.  Colton, Timothy and Abe were sitting on the back.  Eli was EXCITED!!!!!!

It was an amazing event and the neighborhood all came out.  There was a spaghetti dinner after the parade, everyone put luminaries out.  It seemed like those that did not participate, stood in their yard and watched.  It was an amazing event!  I felt honored that Eli and Abe rode with us.  Eli doesn't feel comfortable with most people, but boy, he doesn't have a problem with me!  I had to stay on my toes with him the entire time.  He was a little excited and had a difficult time staying still!  And on the other hand, Colton was very calm:)  I think he knew I had my hands full!!!!

PRAY for a miracle!!!!

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