Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ocean Isle Memories

I know she is still the center of attention in so many ways, but she was definitely the center of all my pictures for a very long time!!  Here she is....... LILLY!!!  See if you can find a pic she isn't in:)  There are only a few!

Sweet pic of Beth holding Lilly!
And Leslie, with Jon!

Oh, and there is Robin with who????  Lilly:)
And Jon with???? Lilly
Oh, there she is again:)  With Dan:)
Vegging out with Amanda!  One of our favorite pasttimes at Ocean Isle in the day.  By the way, I don't see Lilly!  I can't believe it!  What were we thinking????  Taking a picture without her in it, CRAZY!!!!! 

Oh, there she is!!  We created a little shrine to watch her sleep on the beach, I am sure!  She isn't dead, I can assure you, just probably exhausted from having her picture taken:)

And yes, Daniel, you look fabulous.  I promised to not show bikini pics, but I hadn't seen this one yet:)  For everyone else, I will keep my promise.

MEMORIES!!!!!!!!  More pics to come:)

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  1. I am so glad that you finally started a blog! I just told Mom the other day that I wish I could read about your life since we are so far away. Take us on a home tour. I want to see all of your house. The curtains look great and all the pictures made me smile :) I miss those days! Love you