Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cute Halloween Costumes

are a thing of the past at the Cassidy house, I am sorry to say :( !!

But I think the previous halloweens have been pretty cute!

First Halloween

Second Halloween

Third Halloween

Fourth Halloween

Fifth Halloween

Last year, I was sick on Halloween day.  I can not find the pictures that I did take of Colton.  He was a ninja (not cute), but these are two pics from last year during Halloween.  The first picture is him with a wig on that was in my classroom.  The other one is of us at his play and he was dressed as a crow. 

Another "ninja" is coming out again tonight.  Not what I would choose, but it is hard to convince a boy that is almost seven to wear what I consider "cute"! 

Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. The superman costume was the most appropiate! Hope Colton had a fun night. Love Debbie