Thursday, March 21, 2013

Things that I think are tacky...

well, there are a lot!!!

but I am sitting in my BEACH HOUSE this afternoon, looking at the ocean, while my husband and son are playing basketball at the Y, so I thought I would narrow it down:)

1.  The fact that I have not posted pics of all the work that my family has done to help me sit here at my BEACH HOUSE AND LOOK AT THE OCEAN (yes, that is tacky).

2.  people taking pictures of themselves in their cars or in their bathrooms and with their hands up in the air so that the camera is looking "down"on them.  yes, very tacky!  And the makeup guy at Nordstrom's said that this was the drag queen pose (by the way, please share that on fb, keeli!)

3.  people taking pictures of their feet!!!  TACKY!!!!!  BUT..... i just had my first pedicure in several months and I really WANT to take a picture of my feet, propped up with the ocean in the background!!  But, since I do think this is very tacky, i will refrain!

4.  Me putting BEACH HOUSE in all caps..... tacky:)  With LOOKING AT THE OCEAN in all caps..... tacky:)  but still loving it!!!

After tomorrow, it is Spring Break!!!  Woo hoo!!!  I am sure that is just annoying to some people that don't get a "spring break" but no one really reads this blog.  And the few that do, know what it feels like to be on spring break, so no, that is not tacky to brag about being on Spring Break!!!  Because I know that everyone that even glances at this post, knows what Spring Break feels like:)!!!

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