Sunday, November 13, 2011

Glory Days!

 Wow, what a difference a week can make!  The Rincon Raiders (U10 AllStar Team) played in their second tournament and came in second place!  They actually beat the team on Saturday that beat us today for the championship.  They were just worn out and the other team got the best of them.  But it was a HUGE tournament and they came in second!  Very exciting!!!!!

And, not only did the Raiders do much better, but Colton did MUCH better.  He played alot more and he played SO well!!!  Rod and I were so proud of him.  He played his position and he SCORED A GOAL!!!!!  It was SUCH a fun experience!!! 

He got to be captain!

I love to watch him run!

Showing off his medal!

Rincon Raiders AllStars!!!!

Colton is two years younger than most of these kids.  Doesn't look like it does it?


and Mom!

Oh, that boy of mine!!!  Love him so much!  This was such a great experience for him!  It was amazing to watch him play with this group of kids!!  He definitely learned alot and improved his skills! 


Sidenote:  Yes, Donna, you should have come!!!

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  1. Oh I am so upset that I did not attend. The weather was great and he got to play and I am really disappointed. But I am very proud of Colton and the goal he scored and that he got to be captain. He is gifted in so many ways. I will try my best to make it next time. Look forward to seeing ya"ll next week. Love,Donna