Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Get By.....

with a little help from my friends!!!!

Battery - DEAD!  Emergency Kit.... somebody is loved enough to have one!  Friends..... they're there when you need them:)!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!

Check out that emergency road kit!  Does she travel 95 all the time???  No!  But, she has a kit:)  And she starts the rescue!  I always say she will give you the shirt off her back.... how about that kit????

This cracks me up:)  We put the "cone" up while the roadside  I mean parking lot emergency team goes to work! 


And just for a few disclaimers,

1.  Thank you to Keeli for coming to my rescue with her handy dandy emergency kit.  Please let Uncle Bobby know that not everyone is so spoiled!

2.  Thank you to Latoya for coming to show us how to hook up the jumper cables!

3.  Thank you to Lynn for hooking up the jumper cables!

And for clarification............... NO MAN WAS CALLED!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. This is too funnnnnyyy!!!! I'm glad NO man was called! :)