Sunday, April 3, 2011

Baseball Season has begun!

And they are playing real ball!  No more sweet, everybody have fun, doesn't matter, not keeping score stuff!
We are keeping score and these people are serious about baseball.  Rod is the coach and I got the lovely position of scorekeeper!  We have played in two little tournaments, and we only won one game, but it was good for them to have that one win.  We are in a seven and eight year old league and we mainly have seven year olds on our team.  They are good, but I think the one year of experience really makes a difference.  Rod was not able to come yesterday because of work.  The other coach had something else going on, so our friend Chap filled in.  It was our first win:)  Rod said it was due to all his previous coaching!!

Eye on the ball!

Getting ready to make contact!

That is Colton on 3rd base, ready to score!

Tagging home plate, one of the best feelings you can have in the game of baseball!

Getting ready to shake the other team's hands.

I love this picture.  I wanted pics of the team in their huddle and Braxton turned around and smiled for the camera.  He is in Colton's class and he is really cute.  Him and his older brother are on the team.  They are awesome ball players.  They practice every day together and it shows when they get on the field!!

1, 2, 3............


I love this last picture!   The boys were so excited.  We played two games yesterday.  We won the first and lost the second.  They were tired.  We had a 5 minute break between the two games.  Regular season starts Monday!


  1. Getting ready for the majors. I had on my calendar that Colton had his first regular season game today. The other practice games are good to get them ready for today. My hat goes off to all coaches, sore keepers and parents that work with these young future pro players. Good luck on the first game of the season. Donna

  2. That is a great "beyond the baby book" post! C has started at Optimist and I think it is too hard core! Cheers to a long season in the heat!

  3. I'm a little confused. Who is the coach here. Was this the game they won and Rod was at work? It's hard for me to fathom Colton's team losing a game. Tell him he looks handsome in his uniform. Love Debbie